Making Excuses

Excuses, Excuses! Staying Stuck in a Rut in a Job You Hate

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Do you want your life to change, but do nothing to manifest that change? Are excuses keeping you stuck? We have all heard them and more than likely we have all made them.. Remember how the dog ate your homework? Just because you have an excuse it does not mean that it’s a good one, and just because someone else has an excuse, does not mean they should be excused.

Why do we make excuses?

Sometimes when we do something wrong we justify it with excuses so we ‘have to take responsibility for what we have done or bear the guilt that goes with it.We often choose instead to be victims, saying.. I can’t do this because <insert excuse here> We can become so complacent in our jobs, careers, relationships  or personal development that we don’t put forth the effort and energy required to change. We give excuse after excuse so we don’t have to end a dysfunctional relationship, find a new job or change careers. Many times though, what we fail to realize is that the things in our lives that we are most unhappy with, are the ones the Universe is urging us to change. If we don’t change, what happens? We become more and more miserable until we actually DO something about it. Deep down inside we may fear failure, fear change, fear personal growth and so we use excuses as a way to stay stuck.

stuck in a rut with a job you hate

Are You Stuck in a Rut?

What excuses are holding you, or your loved ones, back from achieving what you want, having what you want, or being who you want to be?

Stuck in a Rut in a Job You Hate

To start, Let’s first focus on how excuses may be affecting your job and career. Are you unhappy with your current job? Are you being taken for granted, are you underpaid and overworked? Do you dread going to work each and every day? Is a co-worker driving you nuts, talking behind your back or taking credit for you work? Do you feel imprisoned by your current work situation and you want to break out of this jail? During their psychic readings, many clients have asked us when they will get a new job,. They mention how they have not looked for one, have not put out a resume, yet expect one to fall into their laps. We have done numerous readings with clients who have issues with either management, a boss, or co-worker and want to know when things at work will change. We have had to tell some people that these co-workers,bosses, or managers are not going to change, and are not going anywhere, and that if they want a change, they have to  themselves…..then out come the excuses.

The economy sucks, and there are so many people out of work, and so few places hiring and they think they stand little or no chance of getting a job. So they do not even try. When there are over 200 resumes, or more, being received for every job opening, of course you may feel that your chances may not be as great as they were if the economy was better. But will it ever really happen for you if you don’t try? How do you know unless you try, take the risk and put your resume out there? You may feel you are under-qualified, or heck you may even be over-qualified but using the economy as an excuse will just keep you stuck in a rut and in a job you hate. And THAT will make you miserable.

Sometimes a change in job may require a much longer commute. You may not want to spend an hour to and from work everyday. Find a way to make it work. Listen to audio books in the car. Learn a new language while you drive. Let someone else drive for you by taking the bus or riding the train. During that time you can read a book, work on a project or just listen to music and relax. Many companies ow allow workers to telecommute a few days a week, so you may not even have to go into the office every day. Find a way to make it work and find a job you like and makes you feel valued.

stuck in a rut in a job you hate

Empower Yourself to Change

Maybe your excuse is that your skills are outdated. Update them, take classes, get a certification that supports what you want to do. This will only help you in the long run because not only will it look great on your resume, you are enhancing your skill set and making yourself more marketable.

Some people want to further their education in order to get a higher paying job or be promoted to a higher position. You may want to get a degree, get a masters such as an MBA or even get a specific certification that will further enhance your career and marketability. You may want to pursue a different career all together, and want need to go to school to gain the knowledge necessary to pursue that career path.

The biggest excuse we hear when we encourage clients to expand their eduction is a lack of funds, followed by lack of time. But are they really good excuses? If you have 12 hours a week to play games on Facebook or watch Honey Boo Boo and other ridiculous reality shows, couldn’t you devote some of that time to take one class per week? You could take a class one or two nights per week. Also many Universities now offer Saturday classes, in a mini semester format – and better yet, since you are online anyway with Facebook, Twitter and god knows what else, many colleges not only offer online courses, but complete curriculums that are all done online – you may never have to leave the comfort of your computer chair.

And what about the money excuse? Times are tight, and everyone seems to be living on a budget. But if you have some funds available after you have paid all your monthly bills what are you doing with it? Investing? Saving??? Shopping?? If you are out buying expensive purses, shoes, or other luxury items, what would you rather have, a better education or a better wardrobe? Which investment is better? An investment in your future, or a designer handbag? Get a better education, find a great job, and you just might be able to afford two designer bags.

Does your current job offer tuition reimbursement? If not are you willing to put forth the effort and find a job that will? If you want something bad enough you should be willing to make some personal sacrifices to make it happen!

The bottom line is that there are excuses that are good, but the best excuses for not doing something are due to circumstances beyond your control. When it is in your control, it no longer becomes a good excuse. Stop seeing yourself and your life as out of your control, and toss those excuses aside. You are in control, and have the power to make things happen.

It make take time, energy and effort, but the first step is TO TRY. Don’t let doubt or negativity get in your way. Have the courage to try, rather than let fear of failure keep you from trying. Fear is not a good motivator. When people are afraid, they either freeze or run. Neither response is going to help you overcome challenges and reach your goals. Don’t feel powerless and that someone else or something else is in charge of your destiny. You are.

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