Soulmates, Twin Flames and SIGNS from the Universe – 7/24 9pm EST

Soulmates twin flames signs from universeThe terms soulmates and twin flames are very popular today, when it comes to romantic love, but many people are not exactly sure what the difference is. Actually many people may not fully understand what a soulmate or twin flame relationship actually is!  So how exactly do we recognize a soulmate or twin flame relationship? Soulmate and twin flame relationships can feel very similar, but the Universe does present signs, although some can be subtle, to help you differentiate between a soulmate and twin flame relationship. The Universe will also give us signs, some in the form of red flags, when they want us to see that a certain relationship may not be the best one for us.  But what are you doing with those signs? Do you ignore them, choosing to accept other signs instead, like both your grandmothers having the same birthday?  So what signs from the universe are you receiving? Are you getting sign after sign that your soulmate relationship is not meant to be? Are you getting signs from the universe that it is time to end this relationship and move on? Are you ignoring those signs or are you paying attention to them? Just because you BELIEVE this is a soulmate relationship, does not necessarily mean that it is.






Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are Soulmate ~ Twin Flame experts, Spiritual Life Coaches and Intuitive Counselors/Psychics with over 20 years of experience helping clients around the globe. Known for their accuracy, integrity and easy reading style, they use clairvoyance, intuition and the Tarot to quickly channel into your energy, providing details for the unfolding of future events. Sarah and Sophia will support your ability to regain control over the obstacles and people who are getting in the way of your hopes, dreams and desires. Sarah and Sophia will empower you to live the life you want to live and deserve. They will bring you out of the darkness and into the light and give clarity to all your questions about career, finances, life path and love.


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  • sylvia soltes says:

    Ive been getting numerous signs aka angel signs and numbers as soon as I bought my cards about 10 months ago. As soon as I moved to Kelowna in September I recieved my first spiriutal awakening. Always saw 11;11 etc. The guy I left home keeps contacting me, and Im not sure if it him that I miss or what but there is something in my life that I feel is missing. I dont see the things I used to enjoy doing fun anymore… I dont know whats wrong with me. I would love your help!


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