Appearances Can Be Deceiving – 5/8 Radio Show at 9pm EST

appearances can be deceiving

Appearances can be deceiving

Have you ever noticed that some appearances can be deceiving? We may know someone, work with someone or see someone at the gym who we might think would make a good romantic partner. But would they? You only know them in one context, as a friend, work mate or gym friend and have no idea how they would really perform in a romantic relationship. Before you go off fantasizing about the perfect relationship you could have if you only had your neighbor’s husband or  son’s baseball coach, you need to really see and understand that you are only seeing one side of that person. You don’t know them. You only know them as the guy who brings pizza, cleans the pool or cuts the lawn. Sure your co-worker may have his work like together because he makes more sales than anyone else and is on the fast track for promotion, but what is his marriage like?  You don’t really know for sure. You don’t really know how any of these people in your life you may project romantic fantasies on really are in a real life relationship. What looks good on the outside, may not be so attractive on the inside, especially when it comes to love. Weds night (May 8th) Sarah and Sophia will be discussing how appearances can be deceiving.

(You have to listen to singing for several minutes before the show starts)


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